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What is the basic structure of flight case?

time:Thursday on Aug 03, 2017 editor:admin

What is the basic structure of flight case?

A splint:

It is very competitive, so some companies in order to reduce the price of the case so that materials do not meet the design requirements, such as 8mm instead of 9mm splint, even with some worse plate (MDF, Daixinban). So that the case will be swollen after the wet sheet lead to that the flight case can not be normal used.

B Aluminum:

Aluminum case has different thickness. Aluminum is the skeleton of the case. It is in addition to the degree of thickness of the case to determine the appearance of beauty, the more important is in the case to withstand the external force and keep  stable when crash into something. Aluminum must use the oxidation of aluminum processing, because no oxidation process of aluminum will be placed in a period of time after the natural oxidation, dull and thus affect the appearance of the case.

C Hardware:

Hardware structure. The thickness of the material will directly affect the use-time of the case. Many manufacturers or users like to use nickel-plated hardware products, because the short looks more beautiful. But actually using Nickel-plated products as long as the impact of the electroplating layer is very easy to break, and the damage will rust. The galvanized hardware products, although the appearance of ordinary, but can automatically release the decomposition of protective layer, anti-damage ability, so as to achieve good anti-rust effect.

D shock layer:

High-density EVA glue and PEP cotton in the case. The density, hardness and thickness of the two kinds of cotton determines the degree of protection and shock of the objects carried,the three parameters must be moderate, density.If hardness is too high, which will affect its shock effect.If too low, it’s easy to depression, affecting the service life.

E the last one is the most critical part is the wheel:

There are many types of wheels, such as PVC wheel, PU wheel, load wheel and so on. And according to the parameters of the wheels,such as single bearing, double bearing, single brake, double brake, steel thickening. They can withstand the high and low temperature, different weight. The price from a few to dozens of pieces of a range, the wheels determine the normal transport case, place and use-time directly.

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