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  • How our Flight Cases are made ?

    How our Flight Cases are made? All flight cases are custom built in our workshop using state of the art metal fabrication facilities incorporating CNC technology. We have a reputation for high quality work and can solve the most challenging

  • Why you need your personal flight case?

    Why you need your personal flight case? Its a widely known station thateveryone usually have different personal demand for flight case leading to that can not find a suitable flight case in market. For an amplifier, for example, or a comput

  • What is the basic structure of flight case?

    What is the basic structure of flightcase ? A splint: It is very competitive, so some companiesin order to reduce the price of the caseso that materials do not meet the design requirements, such as 8mm instead of 9mm splint, even with some

  • Categories of Utility cases

    Categories of Utility cases Tool case Tool casesurface material mining aluminum or imported ABS or PVS its skeleton is a specially developed aluminum, coated with anti-oxidation coating, it seems generous temperament, the casesurface Option

  • Do you know the reason for the rapid development of the flight case?

    Are you aware of the rapid development of flight case? With the rapid development of science and technology, and transport caseindustry continues to expand.More and more areas need high-end transport case, in the use and transportation proc

  • What are the specifications for the components of the aluminum cases in the manuf

    Aluminum cases of the various parts of the specifications to be manufactured with high quality, high performance aluminum cases.You must ensure that the manufacture of aluminum components must be the quality of clearance, specifications to

  • Why are flight cases widely used?

    Flight case is a transport case whichis widely used in some expensive equipment and product transport. What determines that it is widely used? 1.External structure: By more rigid multi-layer plywood exterior ABS fire boards nailed into wood

  • How to manufacture durable aluminum cases?

    Nowadays the quality,price of aluminum cases are different and varied in marketing.How to choose a durable rugged aluminum casebody?It is related to the material of the aluminum cases.Aluminum caseis mainly aluminum and aluminum alloy mater

  • Main production process of aluminum alloy production

    Main production process of aluminum alloy production The three major production process of aluminum alloy production.Aluminum alloyas an essential material for aluminumcases, so that its production process determinesthe quality of the produ


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